Garage Conversions and Home Renovations in Farnham | Updated Industry Regulations

Across our work in home renovations, property refurbishments and garage conversions, it is paramount that our builders are continually briefed and practice the latest UK Building Regulations. These are nationally set requirements for the safe design and construction of buildings, and for important elements such as electrical supplies, heating and insulation. Irrespective of our projects being in new builds, property extensions or conversions, compliance with these regulations is essential in all our work.

From June 2022 onwards, our builders’ work across Farnham will accommodate substantial changes being made to building regulations. These changes are geared towards improving energy efficiency within buildings, part of the Government's plan to hit its Net Zero target by the year 2050.

As an industry, construction must play its role in reducing carbon emissions.

The new measures will make it mandatory to cut carbon emissions by 30% in new homes and 27% in property extensions. The new requirements are broken down into three main subsections, focusing on energy efficiency within properties, ways to improve ventilation and the prevention of overheating. Additionally, a further section will be initiated to cover how buildings have the necessary infrastructure for electric vehicles. From June 2022, all new homes will have to contain a charging point.

Naturally, there will be some residual impact for our builders when they take on home renovations and property refurbishments as well. The implementation of these new Building Regulations is considered the first phase of a plan which will be updated and progressed even further forward in 2025.

Regulations into Actions

Our team of builders will adhere to these new regulations when constructing new builds, property extensions, loft conversions and garage conversions throughout Farnham. In practical terms, our builders will implement the new measures in the following ways:

Energy Performance
Builders will have to adapt to new ways of working with insulation, including showing photographic proof of its installation. Greater understanding of different products and their practicality of installation for builds, home renovations and property refurbishments will be expected. New builds must have an Energy Performance Certificate of Grade C or above by 2025, and builders will be responsible for bringing this to the attention of homeowners or landlords accordingly.

Use of low-carbon products must become a priority for builders. By paying close attention to the Declare Label, which clarifies a product’s list of ingredients and where it goes at the end of its life, builders can remain well informed on what is harmful and what is not. Like all reputable building companies in the Farnham area, we take sustainability seriously and always look for meaningful ways to lower our own carbon footprint outside of stipulations set in the UK Building Regulations.

This includes minimising the amount of waste material from our projects ending up at landfill sites.

Fire Safety
Builders can expect higher examination of their workmanship and the insulation used for fire safety. To fully comply and futureproof the building of property in the future, selecting non-combustible insulation as standard is a straightforward way to reduce risk. Current regulations in the UK restrict using combustible materials on buildings above 18m high, but insurers, mortgage companies and an increasing number of homeowners are insisting on them not being used at all.

We at Philip Waugh General Building have always prided ourselves on conducting home renovations and property refurbishments in the same manner as when we build new homes, property extensions, loft conversions or garage conversions. This means being completely open and transparent. We believe this is critically important when it comes to health, safety and protecting your home.

If you are considering work in Farnham or the neighbouring towns and villages soon, give our team of builders a call. We will be happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding these changes and how they may affect your project.

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