Property Refurbishments in Farnham, Fleet and the Surrounding Areas

Philip Waugh General Building takes pride in delivering property refurbishments which revitalise a room, a home or a commercial site without losing any of that original heart and soul. Working in unison with you from the initial meeting to finalisation stages, we offer that same detailed, comprehensive service irrespective of whether the project is a partial or full refurbishment.

Our team of builders have gained an excellent reputation with their work in both residential and commercial properties across Fleet, Farnham and the neighbouring towns and villages. Working with budgets small and large, we are committed to providing an outstanding refurb which stays true to your vision and maximises your investment.


Refurbishing the Home

Our builders can upgrade, restore or modernise individual rooms within your home or across the whole house. So, whether it’s cosmetic work, a makeover or a full installation, no job will be unfamiliar to our team who carry vast experience in property refurbishments and home renovations.

From the perspective of a first-time buyer in Fleet, Farnham or the surrounding areas, you may have immediate refurbishment ideas in mind. Alternatively, you may have lived in the area for some time and feel changes are overdue or now is the right moment for freshening up.

We take time early in the process to understand you and your requirements. Communicating openly and transparently throughout, the completion of the job will always be dependent on you being totally satisfied at every stage of the process.

Our refurbishment services include:

  • Property Maintenance
  • Bathroom Install or Refurb
  • Kitchen Install or Refurb
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Plastering Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Plumbing and Heating
  • Window Repair/Replacement
  • Door Repair/Replacement
  • Painting and Decorating

Looking the Part
Assuming the foundations and structure to be sound, the emphasis of a refurbishment is mainly cosmetic. Our team are well versed in different styles and approaches, be it periodic, traditional or modern. We can follow your lead or make recommendations accordingly. You may consider the refurbishment of flooring, skirting, wallpaper, painting or doors as key to improving the overall aesthetic.

Compared to renovations, property refurbishments have a stronger focus on maintenance and repair work.

Internal Systems
Our multiskilled builders are experienced in all forms of maintenance and building services, and we can supply accredited tradesmen to the job to deal with any electrical, plumbing or heating work. Whichever type of work is being completed, be it cosmetic or repair, you have the peace of mind that our builders will handle all work covered in the quotation expertly.

Property Refurbishments in FleetProperty Refurbishments FleetProperty Refurbishments

Commercial Refurbishments

Our professional team works closely with clients to deliver specialised refurbishments for small commercial properties. Whatever the basis for works, be it incorporating necessary updates, adapting to changes in regulations or giving your business a makeover to increase brand power, we work closely with you from the outset in achieving your goals.

Emphasis lies in the design and functionality of the space to increase practicality and improve comfort for both customers and staff alike. We factor in access and security considerations, and we strive to complete work as efficiently as possible to minimise disruption.

Philip Waugh General Building is ready to discuss your ideas and plans for property refurbishments in further detail. If you are based in Fleet, Farnham or the neighbouring towns and villages, call today for a free, no-obligation quotation.

Call 01252 213123 to discuss property refurbishments in Fleet, Farnham and the surrounding Hampshire and Surrey areas.

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